10 Easy DIY Wooden Craft Ideas

3.Dining Table

3.Dining Table

Woods have numerous functions. There can be biological, chemical, technical, and many more functions. Today, let us focus on the wooden crafts idea that you can actually do it yourself. Wood can make the following;

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Storage Table; this self made table is great idea for someone who wants to create more space in an organized manner. It is designed to add more storage space in your kitchen or any other room with limited space.

Magazine Holder; it is a simple creativity and energy to do this craft which doesn’t looks cheap at all. This X shaped magazine holder is stylish and classy.

Dining Table; are you a craftsman? Why not making your own style of dining table and remain unique? Think outside the box and make your food interesting to eat, on your own work of your talented hands.

Storage Crate; I am sure you have seen lots of tutorials on wooden crates. This should be the easiest. Add some little touch on an ordinary wooden crate and make it your storage box.

Wall Art; here is a collection of about 7 wooden wall art. They are simple but will definitely leave compliments from everyone visiting your home.

Rope Sign; this is a rustic decor where you get to craft a sign on a wooden board using a rope and a hot glue gun. Get to personalize your decors and hang them on your living room wall, headboard or even on your entrance door.

Nail and String Art; without fail, I must admit that this is colorfully beautiful. It seems like a hard work but trust me, it is very simple. Something you do with your kids and have fun for.

Mini Table; You can also your own wooden table and enjoy your breakfast on bed sometimes.

Christmas tree; have you ever seen a wooden Christmas tree? Well, here is one. So instead of buying one, you can make a wooden one and automatically become a statement during throughout holiday season. You can always repurpose the disassembled pieces to someone else after Christmas.

Tree Sticks Light; You only need a bulb, balloon, glue and number of tree sticks. It is a unique craft. It is simple but marvelous!

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