10 Wonderful Ways to Show off Your Pictures Using DIY Tricks

3 log hanging frames

3 log hanging frames

Pictures are a great way to hold on to old memories, if you are bored and tired of ordinary frames and photo albums. We have made a list of 10 Wonderful ways to show off your pictures using DIY tricks we have made a list to help you pick out the best option.

Make a map frame for your pictures: This is an amazing idea to place over your head board or in your library. The idea is to use geometrical shapes to make a map of the world to house your pictures.

Stick frame: This is a simple centre piece that looks very artsy, like it can be found in a museum. This idea is best used with black and white pictures. Attach them to a string then hang them from a stick.

Log hanging frames: Logs are great at drawing attention as they stand out in a room. Why not hang a few and attach a few pictures to it. It will be something unique about your household.

Polaroid grid pictures: Polaroid pictures are the classic look; they show a good use of time and add a classic tinge that other kind of pictures doesn’t have. Put them over a couch by a empty wall or in a bedroom.

Household memo board: If you have a memo board that is going to waste why not add a few strings and add some pictures to it. You could have the family swap out the pictures monthly in order to make sure you keep making new memories.

Edgy copper wire frame inception: If you have a white frame (or paint a frame white) and put in a few pictures. Play around with copper wire, the color will stand out and attract attention to your pictures.

DIY picture holder: For bigger pictures use a clipboard, it can be used for more than just holding papers. Print out a picture big enough to fit on the clipboard then hang that on the wall.

Pallet picture holder: Pallets always save the day as they can be used for many DIY ideas. In this case we have a picture ‘holder’ simply hang a few pictures on a piece of strings and attach that to a pallet that is on display in your home. You can repaint the pallet.

Pegs and a string for pictures: If you have pegs and some string, this is an easy DIY idea that you can do in a few minutes. Hang the pictures on the string using the pegs and pin this up on a wall anywhere in the house.

Pegs and a string in a frame: This DIY idea requires you to also have pegs and some string, this is an easy project  that you can do in a few minutes. Hang the pictures on the string using the pegs and pin this up in a big frame and set it on display for everyone to see.

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