13 Great DIY Log Ideas For Garden

13 Great DIY Log Ideas For Garden 7

13 Great DIY Log Ideas For Garden 7

If you have random pieces of logs lying around, why not try these tricks and use them to decorate your garden.

1- Log Placemat; Waa have lunch in your garden but don’t have any placemats? Try this idea and save money.

2 – Natural Log Pathway;

This is a great idea to make it easier to walk in your garden while keeping it’s natural feel.

3 – White Log Coffe Table;

Need a coffee table but don’t have enough cash for one? Why not make your own? All you need is a piece of log and a paint choice of your color.

4 –  Log chair;

So you have made the log table and now the chairs you have look weird, why not complete the look with this log chair.

5 – Log Bench;

So maybe the sculpting of the log chair isn’t for you and you want something easier, how about this log bench? That way all your friends will have a place to sit.

6- Interior Bench Log;

Trying to keep the natural feel of the décor in your house? This is a great addition.

7 – Log stool;

Need someplace to place your magazines on that isn’t to fancy, this is a great idea.

8 –Swinging Chicken Log

Chicken, birds, whatever it is you have flying around in your garden, make this to cater to them.

9 – Walled Garden;

So you want to put a fence around your garden but don’t want to lose the natural feel of it. Use this great idea.

10- Family dining table;

This is a great idea you and your family can work on together, something to remember every time  you sit down to eat.

11- Log Giant Mushrooms;

Need something playful to add to your garden.

12- Log Raised Bed;

This is a great idea for your garden especially if you are just starting out and your seedlings need attention.

13- Bench Log With Support;

If you enjoy spending your time outdoors and have no place to sit, this idea will be a great addition to your garden.

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