Creative Diy Projects Ideas

Creative Diy Projects Ideas 3

Creative Diy Projects Ideas 3

A wood stool is a common furniture item found in practically any house and it is convenient for a wide variety of purposes. With regular use the wooden stool may end up looking old and worn out. But, do not throw it away because there are various things you can do to give it a quick facelift and make it look like new. You could easily refurbish your stool by adding some cushion to it and repainting it.

-keyboard bookshelf

You can make an amazing bookshelf from the case of a keyboard player.

-Drum wooden coated sink

You can support you tap by a wooden drum that will serve the purpose of a sink

-Shelf made from wooden stairs

Here is an easy-to-make shelf made from obsolete wooden stairs, you can make use of these wooden stairs in case you have ones you are not using.

– Dressing up your table.

We offer you a brilliant tip on how to dress your table and make it immaculate. The diagrammatical illustrations need no help of words to corroborate the obvious.

-Refurbishing your wood footstool

You can remove existing coatings use a fine grit sandpaper to sand it. In order to facilitate the job, you could use a paint remover. If there are holes and chipped off corners, you can make use of a sealer to fix that up. After that, apply coating of the paint of your own choice. Since this is a relatively small furniture item, use a small paintbrush.



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